Here you can view Showcase Videos featuring management of select companies that have equity crowdfunding programs.

Featured companies all have a crowdfunding portal and have their Form C filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, or a crowdfunding program in another country.

View a short video if your company has or is considering a crowdfunding program
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Dr. Cliff Han, founder and CEO of Allerpops and joe Hipple, CEO and Founder of F.E.A. Strategies Group and an advisor to Allerpops

Cliff and Joe discuss Allerpops, the company's science behind Allerpops for allergies, its plans for the future, and most importantly the company's crowdfunding, 
Allerpops website:
Allerpops' crowdfunding portal:
Bussinessman in Modern Office
Pierre Rogers,
CEO and Founder of Yahyn
Yahyn has been described as the best and easiest way to find a great bottle of wine, at the touch of a button.
Company website: 
Crowdfunding portal: Netcapital
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Justin Monger, CEO and Founder of LockedBrands

LockedBrands's current product the StashCan, "it's your stash, keep it that way," and the company's new product and crowdfunding.
Company website: &
Crowdfunding portal: WeFunder
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