Our AI Connect Crowdfunding Investor Marketing Program

Coupling the impact of a video interview with our artificial intelligence-driven distiribution through our proprietary and targeted databases, individuals registered at our website, and digital, social and onine distribution.


Crowdfunding Insider enables companies that have a crowdfunding program to bring additional investors to their crowdfunding portal through our AI Connect Crowdfunding Insider Investor Marketing Program.


Our program is particularly beneficial for companies who have brought SOME funds in through their crowdfunding, but have seen the number of new investors slow.  

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A Crowdfunding Insider Showcase Video

Our AI Connect: Crowdfunding Insider Investor Marketing Program is artificial intelligence (AI) driven and consists of:

  • Production of an approximate 10 minute impact-generating Showcase Video interview.  The video has a clear call-to-action and has links to your crowdfunding portal. (We capture the video over Zoom.)

  • Posting of the video at the Crowdfunding Insider website. (All registered members receive an email alert that includes the clickable video.  

  • The sending of an email to everyone on our Crowdfunding Insider email databases.  (Recipients receive an email with the clickable video.)

  • Our using our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to target appropriate investors for your crowdfunding based on your industry, sector, and business.