Black Money Builder launches crowdfunding to empower black communities

Crowdfunding Startup Funds a Wave to Rebuild Black Communities Black Money Builder Contributes 8.46% of Annual Donations to Empower and Uplift Black Communities, All While Providing Financial Relief and Support for Those in Need.

Black Money Builder holds the future of crowdfunding in its hands for investing and rebuilding Black communities' health and wellness. Justin Shaw, CEO and founder announced today the platform launch on June 19th, 2021, or Juneteenth, a date to celebrate emancipation in the United States.

"The mission behind is to empower your community and empower yourself." - Justin Shaw Start Funding Your Ideas Now Black Money Builder's ultimate goal is not only to help Black communities rebound from COVID-19 by providing financial relief but also to bring awareness to current issues that affect Black communities worldwide and provide a sense of urgency with potential solutions.

Black Money Builder aims to help creatives directly connect with their communities and invest in other initiatives, including their personal endeavors.

Black Money Builder will reinvest back into Black communities with 8.46% of their annual revenue, which will be donated back to organizations, ideas, and initiatives that empower, educate, and motivate Black communities. The donation percentage was chosen as a representation of the police brutality inflicted on George Floyd, a name never to be forgotten.

The company originated when Justin Shaw's wife raised enough funds from a crowdfunding platform herself to supplement all of their medical bills when Shaw was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2019. Justin's continued support and gratitude from the community stimulated the idea of launching Black Money Builder.

Black Money Builder allows the community to support projects, people, and campaigns by seeding visionaries and transforming their ideas into market opportunities. Black Money Builder is the future of crowdfunding and highlights the kindness of family, friends, and even strangers through generosity. If you know someone in need of medical assistance, support, financial relief, or personal endeavors start a campaign with Black Money Builder at

Contact Info Justin Shaw 3232514120

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