Cityzenith: A new community of investors is flocking to join the crowdfunding revolution

Serial entrepreneur and Digital Twin pioneer Michael Jansen believes a "crowdfunding revolution" is empowering a whole new generation of would-be company bosses and new investors.

And Jansen, CEO of Cityzenith, said its impact upon the financial world is as big as that from his company's multiple award-winning Digital Twin platform, SmartWorldOS™ in the post-COVID 'Build Back Better' and 'Race to Zero' era.

He has now published an entertaining and heartfelt guide 'The Crowdfunding Revolution and the Democratization of StartUp Investing - an Entrepreneur's Fundraising Journey from Angels to a Reg A+' offering top tips for following his crowdfunding route to the top.

"I wrote this for my fellow entrepreneurs, investors everywhere, and for myself. The guide was originally intended to be a therapeutic personal journal, plotting the high and lows of funding several companies over two decades across five continents," said Jansen, 51.

"But I also wanted to pass on some of my hard-won experience so that others may benefit, not just entrepreneurs but also small investors. I believe strongly that crowdfunding can democratize investing in America. Interestingly, most of our recent investors have been women, and we are seeing greater diversity among our investors generally. The world is changing indeed!"

Previously, as he says in the guide: "I honestly thought I had seen everything there was to see about the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly side of fundraising, and then along came crowdfunding.

"It was an eye-opener for me, a veteran start-up CEO who had built two successful companies previously, and over a 20+ year career raised money from almost every type of investor from every corner of the world: family offices, small funds, billionaires, sovereign wealth funds, angel investors, private companies…Sequoia Capital and Silicon Valley Bank invested $13 million in one of my ventures."

"Cityzenith's first crowdfunding effort was a huge success. The company listed on the Republic crowdfunding platform in July 2019 and had raised the $1.07m max target by October.

"It encouraged us to launch Cityzenith's current Regulation A+ round with a $15m target – we're already nearly $3m along that road and accelerating in the last few months, enabling us to expand our current project pipeline in construction, energy and infrastructure Digital Twin projects and help de-carbonise urban areas.

For would-be investors and entrepreneurs, this guide offers a wealth of advice on crowdfunding:

  • You control your own messaging.

  • You now sit at the center of a large community of investors who can genuinely help you —think of them as "investor ambassadors".

  • Crowdfunding lowers your capital raising risk - it's not "all or nothing" waiting for a term sheet.

  • Digital media and your reputation online is king in this new world.

  • You can provide liquidity to your shareholders, some of whom may have been waiting a while.

  • You could be the person to help make ordinary people wealthier by democratizing investing in America and around the world.

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