Janover launches crowdfunding to simplify access to financing for small businesses

Updated: May 2

During the onset of the pandemic, Janover's first round of equity crowdfunding on Republic.co experienced significant traction. They raised 2,856% of their minimum goal, or $714,052 from 2,514 investors. They also managed to grow revenue by 184% in 2020, during a period of unprecedented economic turmoil.

Founded by experienced real estate capital markets entrepreneur, Blake Janover, Janover is unlocking access to multifamily, commercial real estate, and business financing by empowering the right lenders and borrowers to seamlessly connect in a frictionless digital environment.

"The way you get commercial mortgages now is totally broken. It's out of the Stone Age; it's unbelievable. People don't have access to all their options. Once they find the option (and it's usually not the best one for them) then it's a pained, long, frictioned process," said Janover. "So we connect commercial mortgage borrowers with the right commercial lenders—not the one that's simply geographically closest to them. It's unfair that a few REITs, or a few institutional players get access to all the good stuff, and everybody else in America is stuck with whatever they've always gotten."

For a limited time, you can invest in a PropTech (property technology) and participate in building the future of commercial real estate and small business finance.

Go to startengine.com/janoverventures for more information about Janover Inc. and how to participate as a CRETech investor in this round.

ABOUT JANOVER VENTURES Janover Inc. is a tech-enabled multifamily, business, and commercial real estate loan matching platform that is leveraging data, technology, and digital innovations to build the future of commercial property and business finance. Their mission is to provide free education and disintermediate access to commercial real estate capital markets. They believe that everyone should have access to competitively priced and structured multifamily and commercial real estate debt capital. Janover Ventures has been featured in Forbes, HousingWire, and dozens of popular podcasts and publications.

Janover Ventures' website: https://www.janover.ventures

SOURCE Janover Ventures

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