Miami's first real estate investment crowdfunding, School of Whales launches crowdfunding

  • School of Whales Launches Miami's First Real Estate Investment Crowdfunding Platform


Investing in Miami's booming real estate market just became a whole lot easier with the launch of School of Whales, a financial technology start-up and commercial real estate fund that allows anyone to invest in meaningful revitalization and transformational projects for as little as $500, earning investors profits with a purpose. The idea is simple: With School of Whales, anyone can invest in meaningful revitalization and transformational projects in South Florida for as little as $500, earning investors profits with a purpose.

For years only 'accredited investors' could participate in real estate investments. However, that's no longer the case due to the passing of the JOBS Act of 2012 (a.k.a. The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act) in 2016. This change has allowed School of Whales to launch an innovative crowdfunding platform that democratizes real estate investing for everyone. "The opportunity to invest in commercial real estate should not be exclusive to the wealthy elite," said School of Whales Co-Founder and CEO Andrea Petersen. "School of Whales was designed specifically to make large-scale real estate investing more accessible than ever before. With our low barrier of entry of $500, we are fostering a community of new financially conscious investors and helping them take steps to secure their financial future by diversifying their savings." Examples of past or related projects that School of Whales' partners have developed include iconic venues like The Langford Hotel in Downtown Miami and Julia and Henry's, an upcoming multi-level building that will house more than 25 world class food concepts, co-working spaces, recording studios, and a rooftop restaurant in the heart of Downtown. "With the money raised from fellow Whales, our fund will invest in transformational projects that are creating a measurably positive impact on neighborhoods across South Florida," said Pena-Giraldi, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of School of Whales, who has worked in real estate development for more than 20 years. "We are excited to help unique projects become a reality by providing the necessary capital to up-and-coming developers who often struggle to find traditional funding for out-of-the-box concepts."

When someone becomes a Whale, they are investing in a small ownership stake, also known as 'equity,' in one of the fund's projects. Once profits begin pouring in from a given property, investors are paid first with a preferred rate of return of 8%. Any returns above that are split 80-20, 80% to the investor and 20% to School of Whales.

School of Whales is officially 'open for enrollment' – interested investors can learn more about the crowdfunding platform and invest at

ABOUT SCHOOL OF WHALES: School of Whales is a Miami-based financial technology start-up founded May 2021 by financial whale Andrea Petersen and her business partners, Daniel Pena-Giraldi, a whale in commercial real estate development and general construction, and JJ Giraldi, who brings over 30 years of expertise in finance and strategic planning. The goal? To create an easy-to-use and even-easier-to-join real estate fund that allows anyone with as little as $500 to invest in developments designed to leave a lasting and positive impact on their communities, earning investors profits with a purpose. To learn more or invest, visit For media inquiries, please contact SOURCE School of Whales Related Links

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